Amoukanama has been created in 2017 with the aim of developing the training in circus arts in Guinea.

With Amoukanama Circus, we strive to build a professional circus school in Guinea (foreseen to open January 2023). For now, we invest in training materials (tumbling mat, safety lunge, handstand canes, juggling materials) and organize daily circus trainings in a youth centre in Conakry. We offer structure to the trainings and have three groups of students depending on their level and years of experience.

Amoukanama also performs during events in Conakry and is working with eight Guinean acrobats on a new circus arts creation with a director from France. The team is Guinea advocates for Circus as well through performances during public events organized by the government and has taken part into an alliance of circus groups in Guinea.

In Belgium, we also work to bring circus into schools and festivals so that young children can come into contact with the circus arts and the possibility of a future therein. We partner up with several communities in projects where circus is a means to develop awareness about diversity and to get youngsters to move and reflect. We also work hard on our network in Europe and other parts of the world. Through our new creation, FA, supported by the European Union, we have found partners in France and Belgium and have dates for the show in different parts of the world (2022: public space version and 2023 longer version for theaters and cultural centers).


Overall, Amoukanama aims to be a bridge between Europe and Africa through the Circus arts. This is translated further into:

  • providing a future as circus artist to motivated youngsters in the slums of Conakry;
  • build our own international circusschool in a geodesic dome near Conakry;
  • organize exchange projects with youngsters from all over the world and educative circus workshops in Belgium;
  • produce circus arts productions;
  • look for encounters between styles, traditions and art forms (parkour, circus, storytelling, theater...).


Our main activities are:

  • organizing circus trainings for members (providing space, materials and teachings);
  • looking for contracts and performances all over the world (jobs);
  • creation and diffusion of new circus arts productions ;
  • awareness raising on migration (documentary, talks in groups, social circus initiatives);
  • exchange through circus projects (Project Wereldklapz, international workshops in Guinea, volunteers from abroad);
  • education for members in Guinea (French and English classes);
  • income generating projects (Opening a local gym with restaurant in Conakry)
  • project in development: construction of Ecolodge and sustainable forestry in cooperation with the community of Tamara (island near the shore of Conakry). Goal is to work on plastic pollution and climate educative activities;
  • fundraising for the building of a our own Circus Arts School in Guinea;
  • workshops acrobatics, circus and African dance in schools, during events, festivals etc. in Belgium and in Guinea;
  • the mobile theater project.