Escuela de Circo Carampa
Escuela de Circo Carampa

The Asociación de Malabaristas (A.M.) was created in 1987 as a platform for those who wish to meet, learn, exchange, communicate ideas, share knowledge and experiences and undertake projects in the circus arts. In 1994, the association bought its first circus tent, and started a circus training project called CARAMPA.

Carampa has been at the heart of the professional circus training in Spain since 1994. The staff is made up of professional artists, competition level athletes, and teachers with years of experience and a lively and open way of thinking about the training process.

The Professional training course lasts 2 years and is based on respect towards the students and their aspirations, where creativity, technical excellence, safety, and teamwork are of utmost importance. It aims to prepare students to pass the auditions held by the professional circus schools and to have enough tools to develop their own artistic projects.

Aside from this programme, Carampa offers a full schedule of youth, leisure and social circus courses, as well as discipline classes for professionals and high-level amateurs.

The main tent is a 600m² space, equipped with the best teaching materials, and the secondary tent, 100m², is ideal for theatre, dance and technical classes for smaller groups

Curriculum offered

Preparatory and Professional Training programme: 2 year full-time training programme (7 hours a day, 9 months a year) 2.500 hours. Non official certification issued by Carampa.


One week entrance exam/audition offered in the last week of June and the third week of September.