AFUK-AMoC provides a framework for untraditional training in an environment full of life, laughter, playfulness, seriousness and contemplation. The basic idea of AFUK-AMoC’s activities is to let individual creativity flourish in an unbiased community.

About 50 students are on the Circus Programme. The school also offers courses in visual arts, acting, design, writing and cooking, for a total of 150 to 200 students.

AFUK-AMoC offers 2 programmes:

1. The Academy for Modern Circus (AMoC) is a BA level education. The aim is to train professional, independent and creative circus artists, who are able to assert themselves both as entrepreneurs and as performers on both Danish and international scenes. Our goal is to contribute, on the highest level possible, to the development of new circus as an art form.

2. The Artistline is a preparatory program aimed at those who want to work in the entertainment industry, with contemporary circus, events, music halls, physical and visual theatre, or as a circus teacher. It is a good starting point from which to apply for admission to Vocational and Higher Education Circus Schools, work as a circus teacher or start your own company.

Curriculum offered
  • The Artistline:

1-2 years. Participation in the programme requires concentration, cooperation and motivation. It starts with basic training in Acrobatics and then covers different circus disciplines allowing students to make decisions about how to specialise. In addition the syllabus also covers training in theatrical work, idea development, improvisation, dance and movement.

  • AMOC:

3 years of circus education on BA level. The education will give the student a foundation in artistic, theoretic and practical skills as well as inspire the student to develop a professional and individual artistic expression. The education will provide ongoing development as a creative artist both within a collective process as well as individually.


Applicants should be 18 or turn 18 during the course and be in good physical condition. To assess your chances of being admitted, please contact AFUK-AMoC.

Tuition fees may be funded according to your situation: to be assessed with the school.