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Located in a former church, the Quebec Circus School (ÉCQ) is a place for recreational activities, vocational training, and creation and performance involving Circus Arts.

Created in 1995 by Michel Rousseau, the ÉCQ is an artistic, educational and community not-for-profit organisation. Its mission is to promote Circus Arts, prompt the emergence of a new generation of artists and support professional artists. To achieve this, it offers recreational and vocational training activities. Furthermore, it encourages research and creation, producing and presenting performances for the general public.

The ÉCQ is characterised by the diversity of its customers: those who come to use the recreational facilities, those in vocational training and professional artists who come there to train all rub shoulders with each other on a daily basis.

The vocational training programme aims to develop top-level performers, creative and versatile artists and responsible and dedicated professionals.

The programmes have 3 major training components to enable students to develop their skills in the field of circus, a theoretical component, an artistic component and finally a technical component. For details on the vocational training programme, please visit the training section on the website.

Curriculum offered
  • Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Circus Arts at college level (3 years) is open to Quebec students and those holding French citizenship.
  • Institution diploma (DEE) in Circus Arts (3 years) is open to all other nationalities.
  • Secondary School Diploma (DES) circus studies preparatory qualification (5 years)


To be admitted onto the vocational training programme, candidates must be significantly adept at a circus or related discipline (dance, gymnastics, etc.). They must also have an excellent level of physical fitness.