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Samovar School teaches Clowning Arts, from the sketch of a character to the development of dramaturgy. This training is based on the acquisition of techniques. The school’s goal is to train artists, both performers/interpreters and authors/creators who are able to develop their own world .

The curriculum aims to provide students with technical and artistic skills, in terms of rigor, precision and teamwork, respecting their individual character and background. This gives them the basis to develop their own projects.

Pedagogical principles rely on highlighting the personal sensitivity and range of emotions, starting from improvisation work, acting techniques and”clowning tools” (writing and dramaturgy, tumbling,  objects manipulation).

The first two years are dedicated to providing students with a common basis. Main disciplines include a whole range of acting techniques, from the preparation  to the writing and scenography of small acts: solos, duets and ensemble performances.

The third year is dedicated to the support of young artists, in order for them to achieve the writing and completion of their acts.

Curriculum offered

Vocational training in Clowning Arts, lasting 2 – 3 years. Level III qualification registered on the French National Register of Professional Certifications awarded at the end of the 2nd year.


Admission: submission of applications (CV + personal statement) from March. Auditions are held over a week in September.

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