Taking part in the development of circus arts in Lyon and in the local region, the Circus school of Lyon develops several activities:

  • amateurs practice
  • mediation and artistic education projects
  • professional training
  • support for the emergence of young artists

The school is also strongly involved in the cultural life of Lyon and works in partnership with numerous cultural institutions and local artists.


The preparatory training course in Circus Arts aims to prepare students for French and international circus school entrance examinations whilst encouraging unique artistic personalities to flourish.

The course is free for everyone (French people and foreigners). It is financed by the DRAC Rhône-Alpes (Regional Office for Cultural Affairs) and the Rhône-Alpes Region. It is a two-year course with 12 students in each year group.


  • Develop the student’s physical and creative abilities
  • Develop the student’s own circus skill
  • Draw out the student’s artistic personality and let him/her explore his/her own language
  • Enable the student to understand his/her body and learn how to manage his/her potential over the long term
  • Provide a window to the arts world and professional reality
Curriculum offered

A 2 year preparatory training course in Circus Arts.