Type: Other

Types of audiences: Artists

Location: Spain

Offre valide du 12-13-2017 au 01-31-2018

K-deleite is looking for circus artists to collaborate in an innovative European project.

K-deleite 2016 S.L. is a company directed by Iñaki Andradas (Pamplona, 1989) and his team. Iñaki is a young creative chef and entrepreneur who despite his youth, treasures an important national and international career in creative cuisine. He has developed his career in innovative and renowned restaurants such as Arzak or Zuberoa in Basque Country / Spain, Gaggan (Bangkok), Aziamendi (Thailandia, by Eneko Atxa) or Lima 27 (Lima, by Carlos Testino).

K-deleite is currently developing a European project, GastroZirkus that proposes the cross-cooperation and capacity building of contemporary circus artists (art directors, stage directors, acrobats, clowns, magicians, etc.) with young creative chefs and their teams to acquire new skills and repertoires. Artists from both disciplines (circus and creative cuisine) will share work sessions and creative processes based on the values of the Mediterranean diet (healthy nutrition and lifestyle, seasonal products consumption, sociability, interculturality, etc.) to represent them in Food markets - elements of tangible and intangible European heritage - of peripheral cities and rural environments. The markets will be selected taking into account its misuse versus big commercial malls and its loss of Mediterranean diet patterns.

As an entity specialized in circus and/or street Art, you will be expected to provide specific knowledge and professionals who could, on the one hand, give workshops and, on the other hand, integrate artists into the shows that arise from the repertoires created within the framework of the project.

The project will work on audience development in peripheral cities and rural areas with Gastro-circus shows that include circus and creative gastronomy with the participation of the local population. The project will also work the capacitance of street and contemporary circus artists, outfitting them new interpretation tools.

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