Type: Workshops and trainings

Types of audiences: Artists / Students and future students / Others

Location: Israel

Valid from 17-05-2022 until 01-05-2023

The “Move to Circus Academy” was born from the “Stefanie's not Here Project”, created by Ines LORCA and Shahar KAMAY. The project was established to take along with youth and adults undergoing painful period in their lives (loss of a parent, sexual assaults, divorce, hyperactivity, dyslexia, substance abuse, communication difficulties) and to help them through circus arts, dance, music and theater. Their project focuses on 3 levels: Education, Social and Artistic activities.

Move to Circus Academy proposes masterclasses, lectures & workshops:

1 - CIRCUS AS EDUCATION by Shahar Kamay

Lecture and Workshops

Shahar Kamay, father of Liri, Arava and Almo, is an international juggler artist, circus teacher and Pedagogic Director of Move to Circus Academy and represents the International Association for Education Circus Arts and Movement.

Shahar having an extremely atypical life, met with circus as rehabilitation after a road accident and became a subject example for research in psychology universities.

In his lecture, he talks about psychiatric link between juggling and problems with attention, concentration and hyperactivity disorders. He shares his pedagogic approach as a treatment, as professional skills and as a philosophical way of life.

The workshop ends with individual tasks of creation, pedagogy, or group work around juggling and /or circus arts, depending on the groups.



Creation of a show - Composition of a number through an intelligent and insightful language, intimately related to artists personality. Trained at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, Ines Lorca started her carrier as a choreographer in France and Italy and as professional dancer in Batsheva Dance Company (Gaga body language). She is now artistic director of Move to Circus Academy in Israel (FEDEC) and choreographer of Stefanie Company in collaboration with Shahar Kamay, specialized in circus therapy.

In a creation process, Ines Lorca plays with different palettes of expression, such as voice, calligraphy, sign language, movement in all its poetic and acrobatic forms. She likes to reveal the mystery of everyone through their own vibrations and to help them discover their personal imprint.

During her masterclass, she shows artist how to develop a creation, giving specific tools and way of research that link them to singularity and creativity exploration.

Her language is giving attention to the full awareness of body expression, the musicality of each state and to the accuracy of the choreographic composition.

Masterclass been invited to different circus schools in France, Italy, Finland, Israel and her professional art direction for dance and circus creation been invited by circus companies in Germany, Russia and Israel.



Ines LORCA graduated Superior National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris. She danced as soloist with many choreographers in France and Italy before to dance in Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, where she met and taught Gaga Body Language. Since her very young age, she choreographed and been rewarded in International Festivals especially with her ability to use voice and movement in creation.

Inspired by several methods of improvisation or techniques such as Peter Goss, Irene Popard and Gaga Body Language, this workshop gives the dancer a rich palette of different body expressions.

Poetry, sign language, animal instinct, calligraphy and tiny body consciousness intertwine with the choreographic repertoire that she proposes to discover.

This masterclasss is often invited by dance schools amateur and professional such as Micadanses, Centre du Marais and Harmonic Studio in Paris such as by International Film School of Moscow in Russia or Vertigo circus school in Italy.

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