Type: Appels à projets

Types de public: Artistes

Lieu: France

Offre valide du 17-05-2022 au 13-11-2022

The event “Nuit du cirque” (Circus Night), which is coordinated by the French network Territoires de cirque, will take place this year on 11, 12 and 13 November 2022.

You are invited to take part by hosting contemporary circus shows and events 🙌

Artcena will be gathering the information on the events so they can be displayed on the Nuit du cirque website and general communication.

For those of you who are interested, please read carefully the following instructions:

  • if you want to participate and your plans for Nuit du cirque are clear, please let us know so and we will create an entry for you in the Nuit du cirque website.

  • if you want to participate, but your plans for Nuit du cirque are still not clear, please let us know so and share with us your initial intentions and when you will be able to confirm them.


The sooner you inform us, the better Territoires de cirque can communicate on your participation and actions.

More info : stephane.segreto-aguilar@artcena.fr