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Shahar KAMAY is a circus pedagogic director, specialized in hyperactivity and dyslexia disorders. He is looking for a role as a juggling teacher in a professional school. He also has educational director's skills.


After being the co-director of the FreeDom project in Circus Byniamina, he is now the pedagogic director of Move to Circus Academy.

Teaching for the last 20 years, he is specialized in therapy for children and teenagers who have A.D.D., A.D.H.D (hyper-activity), addiction or behavior problems through circus and juggling.

He created a pedagogic program through circus arts for youth, presented in the lecture CIRCUS AS EDUCATION invited in Universities in USA, France, Italy and Israel.

He is a juggling performer since 1998, giving shows and workshops for many groups as schools, hi-tech companies, volunteering for hospitals, youth centers and being part of You Are Not Alone project in Russia performing in orphans.

He is Stefanie Company director, mixing youth with international artists and performing in international festivals (Germany, Finland, France, Israel).

He is organizing the International Circus Convention of Israel in collaboration with Israeli Circus since 2014, and represents the International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement.



Shahar Kamay, father of Liri, Arava and Almo, is an international juggler artist, circus teacher and Pedagogic Director of Move to Circus Academy and represents the International Association for Education Circus Arts and Movement.

Shahar having an extremely atypical life, met with circus as rehabilitation after a road accident and became a subject example for research in psychology universities.

In his lecture, he talks about psychiatric link between juggling and problems with attention, concentration and hyperactivity disorders. He shares his pedagogic approach as a treatment, as professional skills and as a philosophical way of life.

The workshop ends with individual tasks of creation, pedagogy, or group work around juggling and /or circus arts, depending on the groups.

If interested in Shahar's profile, please write to us at movetocircus@gmail.com.

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