Type: Recherche de job

Types de public: Artistes / Professeurs et équipes pédagogiques

Lieu: Australie / Belgique / Canada / France / Allemagne

Offre valide du 12-01-2022 au 01-01-2024

Dinh Thanh Huynh formerly a graduate of the CNAC in Châlons en Champagne in 1999 with my partner Anh, we have performed since our hand-to-hand number all over the world (Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, Cirque Phénix, Les Nouveaux Nez Cie, the Varietés Chameleon and Wintergarten cabarets in Berlin, the GOP in Germany, and many other scenes over the years).

Our working base is technical, theatrical and choreographic at the same time and now I would share our experience with the artists who want to specialize or continue to improve in their hand-to-hand technique or to create an act. I can intervene in the context of circus schools or for professional artists.

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