Located in a former warehouse in the harbour of Rotterdam, the bachelor programme of Codarts Circus Arts offers a creative environment for young talents. The students are welcome to develop their artistic identity with the support of the teachers and the staff. Codarts helps the students enhance their craftsmanship by transmitting practical and theoretical knowledge. Regular courses and a constant monitoring of your abilities form the basis for constructing their physical, mental, and artistic awareness.

Students are trained to become high level circus arts, both as performers as creators, with an own authentic artistic identity. Independent and broadly employable artists, who are able to shape their own working environment and who are capable of working interdisciplinary, have a reflective and inquisitive attitude and are active in multiple professional contexts.

It is a 4 year bachelor program leading to the diploma Bachelor of Circus Arts. In order to follow the main phase of the program, students need to have passed the tests from the  propaedeutic phase.

Codarts Circus Arts actively constructs bridges with all (performing) arts. Special weeks and project weeks offer opportunities to work with colleagues of the Codarts dance and music departments. Guest teachers stimulate different approaches to circus skills and external coaches and guest directors accompany the production process of the graduation projects.

Codarts looks forward to seeing students display their new ideas in Circus Time, a frequent try-out platform, in which constructive feedback from students and teachers supports their development and abilities directly after presenting en piste.

Codarts invites its students to make Circus, with a thrilling balance between a rational study of skills and an honest presence with guts, never pretending, not afraid to mock reality, and always with an open view, ready to touch the public straight from the heart.

Curriculum offered

Bachelor of Circus Arts - 4 years (full time programme)


For further information about the admission process, please consult our website.

Required competencies: artistic expression, technical circus skills, physical potential, stamina, ability to improvise, team spirit, and ability to learn.

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