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TRACES 2024 | Wishlist

TRACES is a video creation project for circus students. It allows the emergence, each year, of unique, inspiring and creative videos screened during Circa Festival and on social media.

The videos will be screened during Circa Festival in Auch (FRA) on 18-26 October 2024. They will also be uploaded on FEDEC YouTube channel and shared on our social media.

The theme

This year 2024 is a record year of elections worldwide. A period of choices, responsibilities where we will have the opportunity to express our voice and our wishes. Here, it's up to you to express your 'Wishlist' through your creativity. We look forward to seeing the result!

The format

  • Your video must not exceed 3 minutes and respect the annual theme: ‘Wishlist'. If there is any language in the video, it must display subtitles in English.
  • The video must be a collective creation with at least 2 students.
  • Only one video per organisation
  • The rest is up to you!

You want to take up the challenge?

The only thing you have to do is to fill in this online form and upload your video. No time to waste: you have until 12 june 2024 to send us your pieces of work.

👇 Find the call for participation below

Any questions? Email us here: events@fedec.eu