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Together for a safer circus

SPEAK OUT is a project conducted in partnership with JUMP! Equality at work and co-funded by the European Commission’s CERV programme (DG for Justice).

SPEAK OUT is a European project aimed at preventing all forms of discrimination and sexist and gender-based violence in the circus arts sector.  

The various scheduled activities are designed to support the sector’s main organisations (schools, festivals, companies) and in particular to: 

  • raise awareness among circus stakeholders about abusive behaviour, 

  • collect, develop and disseminate tools and resources,

  • promote educational and working environments that are physically, psychologically and emotionally safe,

  • help the sector evolve in a sustainable and structural way towards greater equity and integrity. 

SPEAK OUT, a project against gender-based violence 

The SPEAK OUT project is organised around various activities:


4 free training courses for directors of professional organisations, specially designed for the circus sector:

  1. Gender Equality → 23 - 25 January 2023 - BIAC (Marseille, FRA) 
  2. Body & Nudity in Arts → 18 - 20 September 2023 - circusnext (Paris, FRA) 
  3. Recruitment & Auditions → 22 - 24 April 2024 - Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich, Salzburg (Salzburg, AUT) 
  4. Internal & External Communication → 3 - 5 September 2024 - FiraTàrrega (Tàrrega, ESP) 

The working language is English.

> Download the project presentation to see all conditions for participation.

SPEAK OUT workshops

These provide an opportunity for our members to organise an awareness workshop in their organisation for their teams and students, with the local association of their choice and in their own language. 

Speak Together meetings 

These are meetings when peers can talk to each other with the aim of sharing best practice stemming from the realities of the sector. They are organised during our annual events to benefit all members. 

SPEAK OUT conferences 

We organise 5 conferences to inform a public other than that of the network about the development, results and outcomes of the project: 

  • 25 January 2023 - Round table “Considering integrity and equity in circus education” - BIAC, Marseille (FRA) (Listen to the podcast)

  • April 2024 - Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich, Salzburg (AUT) 

  • September 2024 - Fira Tarrega, Tarrega (ESP) 

  • October 2024 - Circa Festival, Auch (FRA) 

SPEAK OUT toolkit 

The SPEAK OUT project will create an online toolkit (available in French and English) for preventing discrimination and gender-based violence. 

SPEAK OUT communication campaign 

This aims to raise awareness, prevent discrimination and raise the project’s profile. You can follow the campaign using the hashtag #speakoutcircus. We strongly urge you to use it and share our posts!  

SPEAK OUT project partners


  • FEDEC (BEL) is leading the SPEAK OUT project which means each of its members can take part in it.
  • JUMP ! Equality at work (FRA) is a European social enterprise which is an expert in gender equality. Its aim is to create an increasingly inclusive society.

Associated partners

The 4 associated partners share our desire for a less discriminatory and more inclusive sector. In addition to raising the project’s profile, they provide artistic settings for the training and a vital bridge between schools and the professional world.

The external expert, Rosa Matthis

Rosa Matthis, an independent researcher, is in charge of:

  • assessing the impact of the project for the sector
  • collecting tools and best practices
  • drafting recommendations for structural and long-term changes.

SPEAK OUT Steering committee

The steering committee is composed of partners, associated partners and external guests. Its role is to ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the defined objectives.

> Write to the steering committee at speakout@fedec.eu.

Do you want to get in touch about SPEAK OUT?

> Contact Sarah, SPEAK OUT coordinator at speakout@fedec.eu.