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RIGGERS project

Building an international rigging community


RIGGERS (React, Invent, Get together for a Goal: Expertise in Rigging Services) has been developed to address the needs of riggers in professional circus schools, with the aim of improving the quality of safety measures and creating an international community willing to exchange skills, advice and know-how to pass on to future generations.

The project is conducted in partnership with Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) in Sweden, with the aim of :

  • sharing best practice,
  • searching for tailored solutions to common issues,
  • growing an international rigging community!

RIGGERS, an international rigging community

RIGGERS is organised around several activities:

2 seminars

These aim to share best practice within schools, and to:

  • define the work themes,
  • identify the pairs that will participate in the Riggers Swapping Experience (RSE),
  • achieve a state of the art for safety and rigging in circus schools,
  • share the results and outcomes of the exchanges.

16 Riggers Swapping Experiences (RSE)

For one week, each rigger will be able to spend time in their partner’s organisation, explore their safety and rigging approaches and practices and discuss day-to-day challenges with them.

A continuous remote cooperation

After each RSE, the partners work locally on the chosen topic, keeping in touch with the school they have been paired with using Slack, the project’s dedicated virtual platform.

What will be the outcomes of RIGGERS?

The survey on the profession of rigger in circus schools

The report suggests areas of cooperation and further sustainable actions with a view to a stronger professionalisation of those operating in this field.

> Download the report 

The virtual platform Slack

This has been developed to enable online peer-to-peer cooperation and dialogue. Following the project, it will become an open virtual forum dedicated to the safety and rigging sector in the circus field.

> Join the community on Slack

The FED-Talks: video tutorials on rigging

This series of video tutorials produced by the project partners aims to share the schools' best practice in safety and rigging with all riggers working in circus schools in Europe and around the world.

The RIGGERS project partners

The project involves 10 partners : FEDEC and 9 circus schools from 8 different countries:

The RIGGERS Steering Committee


A Steering Committee has been created to manage the project, with representatives from SKH, FEDEC and the project partners:

  • Anna Bentjes - Codarts (NLD)

  • Anne Mette Norskov - AFUK (DEN)

  • Christine Thibaudeau - ENC Montreal (CAN)

  • Jorun Kugelberg - SKH (SWE)

  • Petter Wennardt - SKH (SWE)

  • Isabel Joly - FEDEC (BEL)

  • Lorenzo Albiero - FEDEC (BEL)

Its role is to ensure that the project is properly completed, in accordance with the defined objectives.

> You can write to the Steering Committee at riggers@fedec.eu.

Do you want to get in touch about RIGGERS?

> Contact Lorenzo, RIGGERS project coordinator: riggers@fedec.eu.

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