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ÉNC Montréal

École nationale de cirque

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FEDEC member since 1981

International in scope, the National Circus School of Montreal (ENC) is an institution dedicated to the training of professional artists, pedagogues, creators and craftsmen in circus arts. The ENC is also dedicated to research and innovation as well as the acquisition, preservation and enhancement of documentary resources in the circus arts.

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Internationally renowned for its high standard of training, the ENC has over 150 students from Canada and around the world. The School’s artistic and teaching team is made up of 80 teachers, artistic advisors and guest artists, providing excellent coaching with a low student/teacher ratio. With large spaces suitable for every discipline and equipped with the safest equipment, the School provides a learning environment which is unique in the world.

The School offers a full vocational training cycle in Circus Arts, including preparatory training, the secondary Circus Studies programme and the higher training programme leading to the Diploma of Collegial Studies. It also trains professional instructors and trainers.

For more than 35 years now, the National Circus School has trained several hundred circus artists. The graduate employment rate is on average over 95%. Extremely versatile and proficient in their preferred discipline, these artists continue to grow on the national and international scene in a variety of production and performance networks.

Independent from circus companies, yet aware of their development as well as the career prospects of circus artists, the School has been able to participate in circus development in Quebec and Canada. The School is proud to have contributed to the emergence of most of the circus companies in Quebec, such as the Cirque du Soleil, the Cirque Éloize and Les 7 Doigts de la Main.

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  • © Roland Lorente

Training offered

  • Higher education: Diploma of college studies in circus arts : specific training in circus arts combined with general Quebec college education. Diploma awarded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec. For Canadian, French and some international students. (3 years)
  • Higher education: School studies diploma : specific training in circus arts sanctioned by a higher education diploma awarded by the National Circus School. Intended for international students. (3 years)
  • High school diploma : the Circus-high school program allows young people to undertake professional training in circus arts while continuing their secondary studies. Diploma awarded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec.
  • Preparatory training: this program is aimed at young people aged 9 to 17 who want to prepare for the Circus-high school program. Focused on a solid physical preparation and an introduction to the basic disciplines of the circus and performing arts.
  • Training of instructor (360 hours) and trainer (765 hours) in circus arts. Attestation of collegial studies awarded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec. The School also offers an online version of the Circus Arts Instructor and Trainer programs.
  • © Roland Lorente
  • © Roland Lorente

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Founded in 1981


  • General Director: Éric Langlois
  • Director of Studies: James Tanabe
  • Creative director: Estelle Clareton
  • Director of CRITAC: Patrice Aubertin

Academic year

From end of August to mid-June

Training language

Standard French


Ecole Nationale de Cirque – ENC
8181, Avenue du Cirque
Montreal (Québec) H1Z 4N9

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  • © Roland Lorente
  • © Roland Lorente
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