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Our strength lies in our members. Becoming a FEDEC member means joining an international community of organisations and individuals involved in circus arts training, education and pedagogy.

Today, we represent over 80 organisations based in more than 30 countries. FEDEC could not exist without their support, expertise and investment.

Why becoming a FEDEC member?

Join an international community

  • Meet your peers from all over the world,
  • Interact even more with the professional world,
  • Participate in international training and educational exchanges.

Raise your organisation’s profile

  • Get a dedicated page on FEDEC website,
  • Benefit from representation at European level,
  • Host events and meetings on your premises,
  • Contribute to our publications and research topics.

Enhance the training of your students and teams

  • Help your students transition into work,
  • Take advantage of support for the development of your school,
  • Offer European mobility to your young artists, teachers, directors, technicians and administrators.

Participate in our sector’s development

  • Be right at the heart of the challenges in the development of circus arts education,
  • Sustain the quality of professional circus training,
  • Contribute to advocating the circus as a major art,
  • Play an active role in the professionalisation of the sector.
  • Christophe Trouilhet - CIRCLE 2022 (El Circo del Mundo & Rogelio Rivel)

Who can join the network?

1 - Higher education institutions awarding a state-recognised qualification within the European Qualifications Framework (minimum 3 years). Students must be enrolled as full-time students.

2 - Secondary schools offering circus training and vocational training schools (preparatory) which aim to prepare students either for admission to a higher education institution awarding a state-recognised qualification (at least 1 year of training) or for working life (at least 2 years of training).

3 - Any national association, federation, union, circus hub or festival directly related to education and to the training, creation, production, dissemination, promotion and advocacy of circus arts and artists. You must be able to prove that your main activity is associated with circus arts and that you actively support the latest generation of circus professionals.

> In any case and whatever your profile, you must read and accept our Code of Conduct to be able to join FEDEC.

How much are the membership fees for FEDEC members? 

Membership fees are paid annually. They depend on the type of member:

→ The membership fee for full members ranges from €375 to €1875. It is based on your total annual income from vocational or pre-vocational training.  Our aim is to enable more financially vulnerable schools to join the network, introducing membership fee categories for greater solidarity among the schools. FEDEC fully trusts its members to indicate their category when they join, and relies on them to revise it as necessary over time.

→ The membership fee for partner members is €200 a year.

> Download the Membership fees table for more information

I want to become a member. How do I go about it?

  1. Fill in the application form below. Find here what to expect with the form and what documents to prepare.
  2. Once your membership application file has been finalised and validated by our Director, it is sent to the Managing Board for validation and then voted on at one of its 4 annual meetings (held in January, April, September or October).
  3. If your application is validated, it will be presented and put to the vote of our members at the next General Assembly (April or October).

Please note that the entire process may take a few weeks but we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you join our network as soon as possible!