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[FEDEC] SPEAK OUT Podcast: Considering Equity & Integrity in Circus Education

2023 | SPEAK OUT roundtable @ BIAC, Marseille (FRA) - FEDEC (BEL)

Made by FEDEC

This podcast is the recording of a roundtable at BIAC in January 2023 in Marseille (FRA). It was organized in the context of the FEDEC European Project SPEAK OUT, aiming at preventing discrimination and gender-based violence in the circus sector.

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  • Vicki Dela Amedume (Artistic Director of Upswing - GBR),
  • Rosa Matthis (Researcher and external evaluator of the SPEAK OUT Project - BEL),
  • Alisan Funk (Head of the Bachelor Program in Circus, Stockholm University of the Arts - SWE),
  • Patric Jean (Author, film director and consultant, JUMP - FRA),
  • Isabel Joly (Director at FEDEC (BEL) & Moderator).

SPEAK OUT is led by FEDEC, in partnership with JUMP and is supported by the European Commission (CERV-2022-DAPHNE programme of the DG Justice). A big thank you to our partner Archaos, for hosting this roundtable.