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[FEDEC] FEDEC supports Balance Ton Cirque

2021 | FEDEC - International network for professional circus education (BEL)

Made by FEDEC

We express our support to Balance ton cirque, a collective fighting abusive conduct in the circus arts sector. 

No form of physical or psychological violence should be tolerated in the circus world, and in particular in the educational and learning spaces that are the FEDEC professional member schools. 

It’s more than urgent to take action: therefore, FEDEC puts priority on the prevention and reduction of abusive conduct and gender discrimination within its network. 


The #BalanceTonCirque collective was born on July 2, 2021 to act against all forms of physical and psychological violence (humiliation, insult, moral harassment, abuse of power, discrimination, sexist insult, etc.) in circus schools.

"We have reported the degrading comments and discrimination made repeatedly by teachers. We were told that we had to accept them because they came from people qualified for their coaching work "that in any case it would be worse in the professional world"."

The @balancetoncirque Instagram page was created to bring together testimonies from victims, students and former students of circus schools around the world. In three weeks, the collective received more than 100 testimonies from seven different schools, which clearly demonstrates that violence is a structural problem rooted in the functioning of circus schools. This call is intended to elicit reactions from other professional circus schools in France and Europe.

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