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[FEDEC] FEDEC Code of conduct

2019 | FEDEC - International network for professsional circus education (BEL)

Made by FEDEC

All FEDEC members must read and accept the code of conduct in order to join the network.

01. Everyone, regardless of gender, geographical or social origin, or religious or cultural affiliation, has equal access to circus arts education.

02. No form of moral or physical harassment will be tolerated, whether on the part of directors, teachers, students or school staff.

03. Any form of exploitation of students for personal and/or professional purposes is forbidden.

04. All organizations respect the legislation of their country concerning the work of their employees.

05. The establishment respects the basic safety rules recommended by FEDEC.

06. The establishment ensures that students are fit for circus practice on entry, and that they have access to adequate internal or external medical services during their studies, in particular from sports doctors and physiotherapists.

07. The establishment provides optimal safety conditions to enable the activity to be practiced without endangering students.

08. The establishment employs staff with the pedagogical, technical or administrative qualifications recognized for the exercise of the corresponding profession.

09. The establishment must have its own charter and align itself with the FEDEC 2019 charter.

10. The school must ensure that the teacher transmits knowledge, skills and know-how without discrimination and that he/she respects the student and his/her physical abilities.

11. The school ensures that the teacher behaves in a professional manner at all times, which is essential to the smooth functioning of teaching relationships.

12. The establishment regularly revises its teaching program in line with developments in the professional environment.

13. The school evaluates its teaching staff on an annual basis.