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Survey report: The COVID-19 impact on professional circus schools

2020 | FEDEC

Sector data

During the month of May 2020, FEDEC decided to get a picture of the current situation of professional Circus schools across the world in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to do so, a questionnaire was sent to FEDEC’s members, with a section focusing on how the schools were affected by the pandemic and whether they were developing strategies to face it, and a more general section aiming at collecting basic data.

This report focuses on the section dedicated to the pandemic, with three main aims:

  • to identify the issues that FEDEC members were and are experiencing,
  • to better understand their needs and the situation on the ground,
  • and therefore to be able to better support the sector during and after this crisis.


The Professional Circus Schools – Spring 2020 survey was open for responses from 30th of April until 26th of May. Out of the current 50 schools that are full members of FEDEC, 46 replied. 44 respondents are schools providing circus education at preparatory, vocational and/or higher education level.