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Questionnaire on preventing and combating sexual and gender-based violence (FR)

Lutte contre les VHSS - Filière Cirque de Création (DGCA, FFEC, SCC, Territoires de Cirque) (FRA)

Diagnose & prevent

This questionnaire is a self-diagnostic tool on the practices of companies in the creative circus sector regarding the prevention of sexist and sexual violence.

The members of the "Filière Cirque de Création" (DGCA, FFEC, SCC, Territoires de Cirque) wish to offer support to companies in the sector on this subject.

At the end of this questionnaire, you will receive a summary of your answers, together with information on current regulations. Depending on your answers, you will also receive additional information on signage, procedures, etc.

The aim of this initiative, which will be launched at the end of 2021, is to develop information tools tailored to your organization and working environment. So, if you wish, you can receive information on these approaches at the end of your questionnaire.

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👉 Access the questionnaire here: vhss.cirquedecreation.fr