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Body & Nudity in Arts: Resources from SPEAK OUT Training 2

2023 | Petra Van Brabandt & Ilse Ghekiere, Engagement Arts (BEL)

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What are the risks of working with bodies in contexts of power relations? How can we react when we witness an abusive situation? Which spotting protocol should we put in place?

So many questions were raised and lively conversations opened during this 2nd SPEAK OUT training. 40 participants from 14 countries joined us at Le Samovar, in Paris (FRA) to explore the topic of body and nudity in Arts and question our training practices, consent and each of us' boundaries.

Thank you to Engagement Arts for their memorable lectures, to Balance Ton Cirque for their insightful contribution, and to our partner Jump! Solutions for equality at work for facilitating these 3 days of training.

Access the resources from the training

Download the presentations at the bottom of the page: 

  • 👉 Body and nudity in western art - Female nude or the desire to possess
  • 👉 Power abuse in arts education
  • 👉 #Wetoo - What dancers talk about when they talk about sexism

Tous les documents ont été produits et présentés par Engagement Arts (BEL).