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Piccola Scuola di Circo

Preparatory school

FEDEC member since 2021 

Piccola Scuola di Circo, a school of specialization in the arts of the contemporary circus recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture and financed with the Fund for the Performing Arts was founded in 1991 and was officially established in 1994 as a Sports and Cultural Association.

Since the beginning it has established itself as a unique reality in the national scene by providing students with the physical preparation necessary to face the circus and street performing arts and promoting an alternative sport to those codified. 

The soundness of the approach of the Piccola Scuola di Circo among the first Italian realities to have proposed the teaching of the arts of the circus track in a project of artistic creation and multi-year technical training, makes original and innovative its training proposal, with a creative path that starts from the study and practice of circus disciplines, to result in artistic expression. 

The Piccola Scuola di Circo is located in Milan, in a beautiful green area of about 2500 square meters. 

The plant consists of a chapiteau with white and red stripes of 480 square meters connected with a covered tunnel to a tensile structure of 120 square meters used as a small room for dance classes and physical preparation. A real small stable circus in the heart of the city, easily accessible by public transport, in a green and quiet area.

  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo

Training offered

  • Corso LEVELUP: Course of artistic training preparatory to high schools of contemporary circus.
  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo
  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo

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Founded in 2000


  • Director: Camilla Peluso
  • Artistic director: Rita Pelusio

School year

From September to June.

Teaching language

Italian, Spanish, English


Piccola Scuola di Circo
Via Messina, 48 – 20154 Milano (MI), Italia 
Founded in 1991

  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo
  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo
  • © Piccola Scuola di Circo