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Sharm Circus School Dubai

Preparatory school

FEDEC member since 2022

Sharm is a Circus School specialized in Aerials Arts, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Twirling and Flow Arts (Fire dance).

Our mission is to raise awareness of the world of the circus as a sporting and artistic activity, in the countries of the Middle East, where for circus, they only know shows with animals and not acrobats and gymnasts.

Our educational programme is built around:

  • Teaching specific techniques of Aerial and acrobatic arts, stimulating exploration and autonomy in a work space in total safety at a professional and recreational level.
  • Developping communication through the expression of the body, gestures and movements, gaining self-confidence.
  • Developping body consciousness through movement. Using your body as an instrument of expression and creativity thanks to the exercises required for each circus discipline
  • Developping socialization, empowerment and respect; learn to work in relationship with others, respecting each one.

Our school is based on the identification of points of departure and arrival, on the identification of goals in terms of rela tively precise and marked goals, on the sequentially of the paths, on the rationality of operational choices and on the control of their effectiveness.

Based on this, our students receive a Diploma (Certificate) each year after the annual Show demonstration of end of the course.

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Training offered

Youth Circus Academy from 3yrs till 18yrs, Adults leisure classes, Aerials Teachers Training.

For children

  • Professional Training Course to become Circus Artist: 6 Levels (6 year minimum) course, consisting of basic multidisciplinary and specialty training. The training course is based on a consolidated study program developed in daily lessons with compulsory attendance from
  • Monday to Friday with an annual students shows called “Circus Prodigious” where all students work collectively with coaches and Artistic Director to create a proper Circus Show.

For adults

  • Professional Training Course for Classical & contemporary Circus Artist: 2,400 hours, consisting of basic multidisciplinary and specialty training (launching in 2023)

Leisure Courses

  • Circus classes of Aerials Arts, ground acrobatic, Flexibility, Spinning and Juggling discipline for professionals and amateurs. Classes of 1 hour, once a week or twice a week.

Circus Coach Training Courses

  • Professional training course to become a Kids Circus Coach.
  • Professional training course to become an Aerials Instructor (Silk, Hoop, Trapeze, ect.). Our Aerial Instructor course includes a chapter of rigging mandatory.


Assessment classes for Youth Circus Academy to define skills and levels.

Entry requirements for Kids & Adults professional Academy:

  • Aged 3/6 years: No previous experience required.
  • Aged 6/8 years: 2 years of previous gymnastics experience required.
  • Aged 9/15 years: 3 or more years of previous gymnastics.
  • Above 16 yrs several years of gymnastics that will be evaluated with an assessment to define the level of strength and flexibility.

Entry requirements for Circus Coach:

  • Diploma of physical education.
  • Diploma of professional Ballet school.
  • Diploma of personal Trainer.
  • Diploma of Yoga teacher & Aerial Yoga teacher.

Minimum 2 years experience in Aerials or any circus disciplines.

Entry requirements for leisure activity: No previous experience required.

We are planning to open a “Professional Performer Course” of 2 years only for adults in 2023.

  • © Sharm Circus School
  • © Sharm Circus School

Disciplines taught

  • Aerial Silk
  • Hoop static & swinging
  • Trapeze
  • Straps
  • Bungees
  • Vertical dance
  • Acrobatic
  • Gymnastics
  • HandStand
  • Contortions
  • Hand to hand
  • Duo Balancing
  • Spinning Poi
  • Dragon Staff
  • Twirling
  • Juggling
  • Trampoline

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Founded in 2012


  • Director: Erika Possetto

School year

From September to June.

Teaching language

English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Italian (Fluent), Ukrainian (Fluent), French (Medium)


Sharm Circus School Dubai
Marinascape Mall shop n. 8, Marina Walk
75951, Dubai


+971 58 883 1921

  • © Sharm Circus School
  • © Sharm Circus School
  • © Sharm Circus School