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Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Carrera en Artes del Circo

Preparatory school

Founded in 1995 // FEDEC member since 2021

The Carrera en Artes del Circo of the National University of Tres de Febrero offers the complete training of professional artists of excellence in circus techniques.

The training uses production as a learning methodology, training artists capable of producing shows with strong artistic and technical content. The artists are prepared to create and design spaces and situations in the modes and codes of representation of the circus disciplines.

Various additional content is intended to enrich this training and train versatile artists, allowing them to be performers and develop their own creativity. The degree has a study plan with strong practical content.

The pedagogical team is made up of professionals from different branches of art and high-level sport who are currently carrying out intense artistic and pedagogical activities.

Each area (circus, music, dance, theater, production) is the responsibility of a professional who, through the design of the quarterly or annual program, invites students to focus on the construction of an artistic awareness in holistic terms: technique of excellence, creative ability, knowledge of the body and its ability to master the chosen discipline.

The Carrera en Artes del Circo has an estimated duration of 3.5 years, during which students carry out lifelong learning practices through shows and artistic productions.

Likewise, throughout these three and a half years, an integral training of the artist is offered through theoretical subjects of an artistic, historical-conceptual nature and referring to a body training of high competition.

The title granted by the quarry is that of Performer in Circus Arts. It is the only career in public universities in Argentina that provides training in circus arts.

Training offered

Professional training.

Disciplines taught

  • Introduction to Circus Arts
  • Juggling
  • Dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Functional anatomy
  • Rhythm, music and movement
  • Biomechanics
  • Principles of aesthetics
  • Performances
  • Vocal education
  • Complementary stage techniques
  • Creation and design of works
  • Integrated practice

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  • Head of Music and Performing Arts: Eero Linjama

  • Circus Degree Programme Manager: Minna Karesluoto

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Mosconi 2736,
B1674AHF Buenos Aires,


 +54 9 11 4519 6010