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Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich

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The association Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich (VCCÖ) is a non-profit association with the statutory purpose of promoting contemporary circus in Austria, elevating circus as its own form of art.

Georg Daxner, the founder of the Winterfest Salzburg festival, had the idea of establishing the first circus school in Austria. To this end, he and his wife Evelyn founded the association Verein Circusschulen in Österreich (VCSÖ) in 2010. In 2022, it developed into the association Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich (VCCÖ).

The VCCÖ has set a series of mission goals:

  1. Promoting the further development of new forms of circus art in own projects.
  2. Fostering new creative processes, raising standards for local artists and supporting regional, national and international circus projects.
  3. Working at regional, national and international levels to build a circus network and support activities involving exchanges, festivals, camps, conferences, performances and artistic residencies.
  4. Establishing a circus-oriented library.
  5. Regularly traveling to share circus culture and research the circus landscape and circus activities in Europe.
  • © VCCOE
  • © VCCOE

In 2018, the VCSÖ / VCCÖ opened the first CircusTrainingCenter (CTC) in Salzburg in a 4-mast circus tent, in which courses, training, and space for professional circus artists are offered. The VCCÖ wants to promote high standards for the training and further education of circus artists and the exchange with other initiatives nationally and internationally. In the CTC there are many kinds of courses offered by a wide variety of artists and associations. We are currently elaborating the future vision of a University education.

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  • Board: Evelyn Daxner-Ehgartner, Wilfried Haertl, Wolfgang Neumayer, Birgit Stockinger, Anna Sandreuter, Anneliese Ebner

  • Founders: Evelyn Daxner-Ehgartner and Georg Daxner (Salzburg 2010, Winterfest since 2001)

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Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich
Eichstraße 50 A
5023 Salzburg – Gnigl


+43 660 7131001