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Rigas Cirks is a multifunctional arts centre, that deliberately works towards offering relevant and current circus shows to wider audiences, as well as promotes development and availability of circus arts in Latvia and the Baltics.

Riga Circus building was built in 1888 and can be considered one of the oldest circus-focused buildings in Europe. After series of events, Rigas CIRKS was re-launched as a state owned enterprise in 2017, introducing a new strategy for the prominent historic building as well as the institution itself.  As of that moment it works in three strategic directions – offering circus shows, quality circus education (currently leisure education for kids and grown ups) as well as international artist residency program.


  1. Substantially improving the ecosystem of circus arts and promoting diversity of stage arts in Latvia, ensuring a cyclic approach to development of circus arts.
  2. Creating a place for contemporary stage arts, combining the traditional and modern values in the renovation process of the historic building of Rigas CIRKS.
  3. Developing the artistic program of Rigas CIRKS: ensuring production of new local performances through support of circus collectives and producers, as well as displaying diverse professional circus shows in Latvia.
  4. Developing an international centre for artist residencies.
  5. Creating a modern educational system for circus in Latvia, that spans from preparatory courses and leisure activites to workshops and professional education.
  6. To take part in international and European networks to develop projects in cooperation and fulfill the international ambitions of Rigas CIRKS.
  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS
  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS
  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS


Rigas CIRKS aims at offering diverse circus experiences for the viewers through displaying meaningful international shows as well as supporting the creation of local shows and development of local artists to ensure the sustainability of this arts form. On the path of changes one of the most crucial activities is audience development - informing, educating and involving society to familiarize and ensure a lasting interest and understanding about contemporary circus arts.

Riga Circus School

Riga Circus School was founded in 2017 and its primary task is promotion of circus education and its accessibility both in Latvia and the Baltic States. The school offers regular classes and sessions for children and families on its premises and on sessions in different other venues and public events (like festivals etc.). Aiming for overall development of professional circus in Latvia and beyond, the school organises international workshops and conferences for circus and other professionals.

The values of Riga Circus School ​​are:

  • Affiliation and cooperation – being united in diversity.
  • Creativity – a participant as a creator rather than a performer.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS
  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS

Rigas CIRKS artist residency program

Rigas CIRKS artist residency program is created as a laboratory for new forms of artistic research and art practices within the interdisciplinary field of art. We are located in Riga, Latvia, and open to contemporary circus artists as well as  visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, dramaturgs, designers, interdisciplinary artists etc. The mission of the program is to promote contemporary artistic practices mainly focusing on circus development in Latvia and in the Baltic region. We are eager to foster exchange, discussion, experimentation and collaborative work.

During the residency, artists work on ideas for new performances or site-specific projects. Residency may be offered also for post-premiere research and development. Where possible, artists-in-residence should pursue opportunities to engage with the local art field. Artists-in-residence are selected by their proposals submitted by an online open call.


  • © VSIA Rigas CIRKS

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  • Member of board: Liene Pērkone

  • Director of strategic cooperations: Māra Pāvula

  • Creative Director: Mārtiņš Ķibers

  • Show curator: Odrija Fišere

  • Circus School manager: Aleksandrs Beļackis


Merķeļa street 4, Rīga,
Latvia, LV-1050


+371 67213479