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Zentrum für Zikrus und Bewegtes Lernen Halle

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Founded in 2004

The objective of ZZB is to give circus courses for all social backgrounds and ages, as well as educate future circus trainers.

In addition, we aim to connect with the major Youth Circuses and groups all over Saxony Anhalt.

The future objective will be creating a basic standard and exchange for circus in schools, groups, and similar associations, as well as providing a network.  

Training offered

We organize circus pedagogical project weeks, working groups, and circus holidays for schools, after-school centers, day-care centers, and other children's and youth facilities. We mainly go to schools and institutions whose children and adolescents are affected by educational disadvantage. With our circus work, we want to help reduce cultural and educational deficits.           

Networking of Youth Circus and Circus Education in the region of Saxony Anhalt.

Our basis Theoretical and practical experience in circus pedagogy is the basis for our further training for educators, teachers, artists and all other interested parties.

The goal of the training is to teach the various basic techniques in the circus. Another aim of the curriculum is to enable participants to apply what they have learned in their diverse fields of work. All training modules seek a balanced relationship between practical action and the imparting of basic theoretical knowledge, as well as the reflection of the learning processes. The participants will be taught how to use the knowledge gained in circus education projects.

A social approach

There will be additional teaching methods for working with target groups that are particularly to be promoted (children and adolescents with mental, physical, and social barriers). A lively exchange about the work experiences and conditions in the work fields of the participants is expressly desired. The insight into the work of the ZZB is possible during the entire training.

Circus education and skill-based training are supposed to win focus and the improvement of a well-educated circus teacher, and therefore a well-educated circus student is the future approach of the ZZB.

Progressive, work in the circus field, networking and unifying smaller groups in the region, to provide a unified standard and to slowly provide a change from the more social circus to circus as a skill and skill-based training is the second vision of the ZZB.

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  • Director: Jürgen Wiehl

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