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Seneca Intensiv

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  • Founded in 2007 // FEDEC member since 2023

SENECA INTENSIV is the interdisciplinary educational institution for working with artistic movement in Berlin since 2007.

With its own studios in Berlin-Marzahn, SENECA INTENSIV is a place where you can further your education in a topic-specific and practical way: in dance, circus, physical theater as well as pedagogy. Part-time or full-time. Here, qualified instructors meet participants from a wide variety of artistic fields: Up to date. Practical. Visionary.

  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv
  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv


What began as weekend seminars in dance and movement education has evolved over the years into a broad range of complementary programs, centered around four intensive programs:

Educational year dance

the EDUCATIONAL YEAR DANCE is for people who want to deal intensively with dance and everything that goes with it, both practically and theoretically: for 10 months, 4 days a week. Dance and choreographic knowledge - intensive. The focus of this year is, besides the own experience of dance, on the artistic handling of this art form - as a dancer in different works of experienced choreographers, as a "creator" of an own artistic product, as an artist on stage.

  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv
  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv

Educational year circus

The EDUCATIONAL YEAR CIRCUS is aimed at people who want to intensively study the art of contemporary circus for 10 months, 5 days a week. In both practical and theoretical seminars, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their existing knowledge in the air, on the ground or in juggling, and to apply it in creative processes with experienced artists in the form of group and individual work.

Art of physical drama

APD is a 10-month educational program at the intersection of dance, acting and circus; based on the technique Mime Corporel Dramatique (Etienne Decroux). The body is at the center. From classical mime to modern mime, from the tradition of Commedia dell' Arte to performance. From clownery to acrobatics. Objects, masks, clowning, composition, improvisation... in the studio and in public spaces... new paths for movement theater.

Move & teach

MOVE & TEACH is the 13-month educational program for performing artists with a focus on teaching artistic-dance movement. It offers the opportunity for a comprehensive exploration of the field of interdisciplinary movement education, your own teaching body, and a holistic approach to the genre of ARTISTIC MOVEMENT. The diverse curriculum brings together arts practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and fosters creative potential in pedagogical and artistic processes. The program is designed for performing artists (dance, acrobratics, musical and musical theater, mime, drama) who wish to teach responsibly in their field.

In addition to these intensive programs, SENECA INTENSIV also offers ongoing individual and multi-day seminars for professional development in the areas of production, management and pedagogy.

  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv
  • © Inga Groß - Seneca Intensiv

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  • Managing Directors: Inga Groß & Tina Weiler

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