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Axé Cirque

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Founded in 2014, the PlayTime association's mission is to develop and enhance circus arts in Switzerland by supporting the creation, training and production of circus projects.

As a non-profit organisation, it aims to promote young talents of the Swiss and international scene.

PlayTime offers creations with young motivated and hardworking circus artists. Every year, the association takes a group of young people to put on a show. It organizes with them cultural exchanges. They participate in national and international festivals.

The Axé Cirque project is one of the major events of the association. Committee members lead this large-scale project with passion and conviction. They hope that it will become a regular and unmissable meeting in order to present to each edition multitalents artists from different countries.

Our Association aims to:

  • Develop cultural projects related to circus arts,
  • Support the exchange and collaboration between the different actors of the circus sector,
  • Promote all activities related to circus arts,
  • Promote and develop circus arts,
  • Look for new sponsors,
  • Defend the interest of its members.
  • © Dominique Schrekling
  • © Dominique Schrekling

Our association is composed of 2 commissions : an "Adult" commission and a "Youth" commission.

The "supervisory" commission brings together an adult team in support of the "young people" commission. They are available to answer their questions and stimulate their reflections on the implementation of this project. They are also responsible for the safety of young people during the project as well as for technical installations during shows. They ensure the physical and psychological well-being of young people in general. They are the first responders in case of problems.

"The Axé Cirque project is a platform for intercultural exchanges of young people, enabling 80 soon-to-be adults to live a magical and unique artistic and human experience. For six days, they live to the rhythm of exchange workshops, cultural activities, artistic discoveries and sharing of knowledge Knowing each other through mobility and interculturality is a unique opportunity for learning, openness to the world, interest in others and diversity for all these young people."

This international encounter aims to strengthen ties between young people from different countries with the same passion by promoting their mobility and by creating international bridges. Axé Cirque offers these young people the opportunity to live an encounter with other cultures, other languages ​​and to transform themselves by changing their representation of the world. Intercultural experiences are the fundamentals of active citizenship. Axé Cirque makes it possible to sensitize these young people to the democratic stakes which base our modern society, in perpetual movement. Beyond the circus activities, the Axé Cirque project allows them to live "something more. "

  • © Dominique Schrekling
  • © Dominique Schrekling


  • Partner of Fédération Suisse des Ecoles de Cirque

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  • President of the association: Jacques Spengler
  • General director: Sarah Simili
  • Production Assistant: Carine Spengler
  • Technical Director: David Glassey
  • Delegates of the "Youth" committee: Jessica Gourdon & Marine Spengler
  • © Dominique Schrekling
  • © Dominique Schrekling
  • © Dominique Schrekling