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Circo de las Arte

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Circo de las Artes was established as one of the main arts training centers of Argentina.

The school level has been reflected by specialized teachers at national and international level as well as by students from around the country and outside. Circo de las Artes offers a Professional Career in Circus and dance.


  • Develop and consolidate physical qualities and general abilities that later lead to an increased specialization in the field of choice not only in dance or circus companies but other performing arts.
  • Develop one’s artistic sense.
  • Learn to use one’s body as a means of expression and communication.
  • Learn to work with various trainers and develop one’s openness towards others.
  • Develop autonomy, self-awareness, self-respect, respect of others, and team skills.
  • The graduate will have a great versatility of movement as well as technique and a body that reflects its capabilities.

The programme offers a training planned in stages, where the first year students incorporate and learn the basic skills that will give strength to all the theoretical and practical structure. The second year focuses on the artistic interpretation through implementation and artistic composition. And finally the third year focuses on the production of works, art events and personal creations.

The curriculum is divided into mandatory, optional and theoretical subjects. In this way, students have the opportunity to choose the options that best meet the disciplines they wish to specialize.

Training offered

Degree : Interprete en Artes Escénicas y Circenses Contemporáneas - 24 hours per week - 3 years.

  • © Circo de las artes
  • © Circo de las artes

Disciplines taught

  • Aerial Dance
  • Aerial straps
  • Ballet
  • Chinese pole
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Cyr wheel
  • Fire
  • Flexibility
  • Floor acrobatics 
  • Floor Barre
  • Hand to Hand and Troupe
  • Handstands
  • Hulla Hoops
  • Jazz Lyrical
  • Juggling/Object manipulation
  • Pole Dance
  • Rope
  • Silks
  • Slackrope
  • Static trapeze /Dance trapeze
  • Stilts
  • Swinging trapeze
  • Tightrope
  • © Circo de las artes
  • © Circo de las artes

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Founded in 2008


  • General Director: Ana Hepner

Academic year

Divided into 2 semesters: from March to July and from August to December.

Teaching language(s)

Spanish (standard) - Some teachers are fluent in English and French.


Circo de las Artes
Av. Libertador Gral. San Martin 151
Tigre – Buenos Aires

  • © Circo de las artes
  • © Circo de las artes
  • © Circo de las artes
  • © Circo de las artes