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Ecole de Cirque Lausanne Renens

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ECL is a circus arts training center. In addition to the numerous leisure courses offered for young and old, the ECL has the will to prepare young artists for the entrance exams to professional schools all over the world in an intensive way during 1 year.

Divided into two main streams, the junior training and the pre-professional training, the center is open to all acrobatic athletes and not only to circus artists. As circus covers multiple disciplines, young people who have practiced gymnastics, acrobatic dance, synchronized swimming, parkour, freestyle soccer, and many other physical activities are welcome.

The ECL regularly participates in animations and events.

Training offered

Junior Training

8 to 12 years old and 13 to 16 years old, between 22 and 30 hours of training per month.

Pre-Professional Training

  • Preparatory, duration 3 years, equivalent to gymnasium (high school) years, 68 hours of monthly training (mostly in the afternoon).
  • Perfectionnement, duration 1 year (renewable) for students from 15 to 23 years old, full-time, 141 hours of monthly training.

Students are followed 100% by qualified instructors (circus, dance and theater) as well as specific workshops offered regularly. Medically, a physiotherapist-osteopath as well as a professional massage therapist meet them at the school on a weekly basis. A sports psychologist is available once or twice a month at the school.


On audition, info on www.ecoledecirque.ch.

Disciplines taught

All aerial, acrobatic, juggling and other disciplines as well as flexibility, fitness, dance and theater. We adapt our classes according to the needs of the students.

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  • Director : Yukie Vauthey
  • Artistic Director : Emi Vauthey
  • Head of Education : Roby Raymond

Number of students per year

  • 12-14.
  • Number of students graduating per year: 95%


Ecole de cirque de Lausanne,
Av. du Chablais 7,
1007 Lausanne

FEDEC member since 2022