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École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois

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ENACR was born around Bernard Turin, from the will of a handful of enthusiasts with the support of the Municipality of the City of Rosny-Sous-Bois, is today chaired by José-Manuel Gonçalvès, director of CENTQUATRE (artistic establishment of the City of Paris).

Since 1983, it has had an amateur educational mission and since 1991 a professional educational mission. Professional training leads in 2 years to a State Diploma unique in Europe: the Artistic Certificate of Circus Techniques (bac level). This training, which is aimed at young people wishing to embark on a career as a circus artist, and is positioned as a preparatory training for all of Cirque’s higher schools, in France and in Europe.

It aims to provide its students with high technicality and artistic versatility in direct contact with the contemporary world in which they evolve. The aim of teaching is to develop technical and artistic skills and to encourage their interpenetration. The imperatives of the circus show are integrated from the start in terms of group work with an artistic team, rigor, autonomy, material management and security. The student also participates in professional situations, both inside and outside the establishment, as well as in at least one international project.

ENACR is also a place of learning and amateur artistic practice which is aimed at children from 4 years old and adults. It allows the crossing of generations, to fertilize exchanges and confrontations enriched by the proximity of professional training. It also aims to create an “actor-spectator” dynamic.

ENACR has as privileged partners: The City of Rosny sous Bois - The Ministry of Culture (DGCA) - The General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis - The Regional Council of Île-de-France.

Training offered

BATC - training (= Artistic Certificate in Circus Techniques)

A diploma course in two years (around 1200h / year) offering transdisciplinary education (circus but also dance, theater, vocal work, scenography, etc.). This training is an excellent preparation for French and international higher schools; it also allows integration into working life after two years.

At the end of these preparatory years, students can apply to the admission competitions of schools offering higher education.

It is thus possible after the BATC - but not exclusive - to apply for entry to the joint ENACR / CNAC course which offers training over 3 years leading to the National Higher Professional Diploma of Circus Artist (level II diploma).

The training's goals

The conception of an artistic training takes into account the profession’s practice conditions, as defined by the BATC and the DNSP for Circus Artists, and depends on the goal it wants to achieve according to the art it is serving.

Considering a circus show as a work of art implies significant training. The educational project, conceived by CNAC and ENACR, translates this artistic choice. Its objective is to lead students towards a meaningful circus of creation that acknowledges the era it evolves in.

This course aims to shape creative performers, thinking artists that will be able to use their art, their artistic personality, and their skills to serve someone’s else project: a circus director, a theatre director, a choreographer, a movie director, a musician, or a performer. Students who want to engage in the path of the author and who have a research project will be assisted during the second period of the professional integration.

State Diploma for Circus Teachers

In partnership with the CNAC and the Académie Fratellini, ENACR also offers the State Circus Teacher Diploma (VAE training, competitive examination and continuing education).

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  • Be between 16 and 23 years old,
  • Have at least a second level or equivalent level for foreigners,
  • Have a good condition, basic acrobatic training and notions of play, scenic space, body rhythm and dance.

Disciplines taught

  • Acro dance
  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Balances
  • Chinese pole
  • Dancing trapeze
  • Fabrics
  • Floor acrobatics
  • Flying trapeze
  • German wheel / Cyr wheel
  • Korean board
  • Overhead straps
  • Ropes
  • Russian bar
  • Russian swing
  • Soft wire
  • Static trapeze
  • Toggle
  • Trampoline
  • Unicycle
  • Wire
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Founded in 1983


  • Director: Cyril THOMAS

Academic year

From September to end of July

Training language

Standard French


22 rue Jules Guesde
93110 Rosny-sous-bois

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