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Escuela de Artes Circenses del Circo del Mundo

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FEDEC member since 2005

El Circo del Mundo-Chile was officially founded in 2003 in order to fulfil its most ambitious project: the creation of a vocational social circus school of high quality in Chile.

The main goal of the social circus school is to develop and implement the project developed by El Circo del Mundo, that is to say to give a professional perspective to the various young people the school hosts.

The school is also an excellent academic opportunity for young people from Chile or from the continent who wish to become professional circus artists. In addition to the circus training, El Circo del Mundo also provides technical and methodological training for those who wish to use circus as a tool for social work.

The programme lasts 7 semesters, to which can be added a degree project semester.

El Circo del Mundo is one of the founding members of the Latin American Federation of circus schools (FIC).

Training offered

  • Circus Techniques Modules: all circus disciplines and 2 circus specialties for each student.
  • Additional Artistic Modules: Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Music, Art History and different seminars (Circus History, Drawing, Make-up, Safety, and so on)
  • Social Circus Modules: Psychology, Applied Methodology, internships.
  • Degree Project Module: a neo-circus show and a social circus project (conception and implementation)

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Founded in 2004


  • Director: Carla León
  • Educational Director: Carolina Osses

Academic year

From March to December


Escuela de Artes Circenses del Circo del Mundo
General Bonilla 6.100 – B
Los Prado, Santiago


+562 778 83 78