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Fjordane Folkehøgskule Nysirkus

Preparatory school

FEDEC member since 2019

The school is located in the little town, Nordfjordeid, in West-Norway. The circus line is part of the Fjordane Folkehøgskule that has approximately 100 students in Art-, Horse-, Lifestyle Change-, Viking- and the Circus department.

Jan Kjetil Smørdal, the director of Circus Agora, opened and directed the first class in 1998 and since 2016 Mathias Ramfelt and Martin Riedel initiated a new era for the department.

Training offered

The course lasts for 1 - 2 years in the season from end August to end May.
Any previous experience is expected but candidates must be motivated in learning new skills and willing to challenge themselves.
4 hours of different circus classes are taught per day during the week.
The training location is open each day, in order to give plenty of opportunities to practice in addition.

FFHS Circus considers itself a preparatory Circus school and aims to give students the "tools“ needed, to aim for higher education in circus.


Applicants should be 18 or turn 18 during the year and be in a  good physical condition.

Applications have to be send in before the end of May. Please add a short skill video.

To assess your chances of being admitted, please contact the school.

Disciplines taught

  • Floor Acrobatics (based on gymnastics)
  • Pair Acrobatics (hand to hand, pyramids)
  • Aerial Acrobatics (Trapeze, Aerial Tissue, Aerial Rope, Aerial Straps, Chinese Pole)
  • Balance (Tight Wire, Slack Wire, Unicycle, Cyr Wheel, Rola Bola, Handstand)
  • Juggling (Balls, Bouncing Balls, Clubs, Passing and Diabolo)
  • Fire manipulation (Staff, Poi, Torches,etc.)
  • Trampoline, Teeterboard and Mini-tramp
  • Strength and Mobility
  • Theatre/ Drama (Clown and Stage Presence)

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Founded in 1876


Director : Silvia Hesik Førde
Artistic director: Mathias Ramfelt, Martin Riedel & Morten Uglebjerg

Training languages

English and Norwegian (basic level)


Fjordane Folkehøgskule
Skulevegen 32
Postboks 130
6771 Nordfjordeid


+47 57 88 98 80 (0830-1500)