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Move to Circus Academy

International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement

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FEDEC member since 2020

The doors of the Move to Circus Academy are open since 2008 in collaboration with International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement. 

The “Move to Circus Academy” was born from the “Stefanie's not Here Project”, created by Ines LORCA and Shahar KAMAY. The project was established to take along with youth and adults undergoing painful period in their lives (loss of a parent, sexual assaults, divorce, hyperactivity, dyslexia, substance abuse, communication difficulties) and to help them through circus arts, dance, music and theater. 

Our project focuses on 3 levels: Education, Social and Artistic activities.

Education level

  • Professional classes in circus arts from beginner to advanced students 
  • Education Morning Program Circus arts specialty for youth with academic studies in the afternoon such as Anatomy, Art history, Mathematic, French, English 
  • Move to Circus Certificate for advanced students: Circus Arts and Dance Technique, Pedagogy, Choreography, Repertoire, Anatomy, Art History 
  • Organization of International Circus Convention of Israel in collaboration with Israeli Circus - workshops and performances with international Circus Schools 
  • Collaboration with International Education Forum CIRCUS AS EDUCATION by Shahar KAMAY 
  • International Masterclasses by Ines Lorca Choreography for Circus Arts, Contemporary Dance and Voice & Movement.

Social level

  • Therapy program specialty through circus arts hyper-activity disorders, violence, addiction, communication troubles 
  • Scholarships to students with financial difficulties and/or special talent 
  • Collaboration with International Film School of Moscow for YOU ARE NOT ALONE Project Russia 
  • International and local projects as volunteers hospitals, orphanages, youth prisons, difficulty centers 
  • Collaboration with Arabic Israeli Circus Galilee Circus 

Artistic level

  • Choreographic specialty in circus arts and contemporary dance 
  • International performances with Stefanie Company Finland, France, Russia, Germany 
  • Participation to international circus competition Germany, Israel, Russia 
  • Choreography collaboration with Circus Companies Germany, Israel

The program

Move to Circus certificate

Move to Circus Academy gives opportunity to their talented students to be part of their pedagogical and artistic team. 

Shahar KAMAY and Ines Lorca build together a pedagogical and artistic language for circus arts and dance training, called as Move to Circus Method which includes anatomy studies, theory personal project, precise pedagogical skills with therapy speciality, repertoire interpretation and creation project.

Move to Circus Certificate has 2 years studies starting from October to June including 25 hours per week of training and studies.

Education morning program 

Move to Circus created an Education Morning Program for children and teenager willing to train circus arts during morning time. (One day per week from 08:30 to 15:30) 

The program includes: 

  • Circus Arts techniques 
  • Choreography 
  • Improvisation 
  • Strength and Flexibility 
  • Theory studies 
  • Anatomy 
  • Art History 
  • French, English, Hebrew 
  • Geometry & Mathematics 

Shahar Kamay is the circus pedagogic director specialized in hyperactivity and dyslexia disorders. 

Certificate Program students are part of the teachers team of the Education Morning Program.


Ines LORCA is frequently invited by Professional Circus Schools and Professional Art Schools for her masterclasses at :

Vertigo Circus School Italy, International Film School of Moscow Russia, Les Noctambules France, Institut de Formation Rick Odums France, Heslinki Circus School and International Festival Ylosalas Finland, International Circus Convention of Israel. 

  • Choreography for Circus Arts 
  • Contemporary Dance 
  • Voice & movement


The lecture CIRCUS AS EDUCATION directed by Shahar KAMAY is also invited by international FORUM of education and art pedagogy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE Project Russia, CirkAround Forum Italy, Rencontres Choregraphiques Irene Popard France, Education Khotam Forum Israel.

Stefanie company

The Stefanie Company was created in 2008 by Shahar Kamay and Ines Lorca as artistic directors in order to let young talents and professional artists to express themselves throughout circus arts, music, dance and theater. 

Some of artists who went through painful moment in their life were able to have an artistic expression of whom they are and who they become. The Stefanie Company gives them a stage. 

Young talents from Move to Circus Academy are able to be part of the Stefanie Company researches and professional artistic process and are able to perform in international festivals. France- Germany- Finland- Russia- Israel 

10 hours minimum per week including technical classes, rehearsals and creation process. Artists are under contract in order to respect Copy Rights of Stefanie Company. 

Choreography collaboration

Ines LORCA is often invited as choreographer specialized in circus arts, art director or professional creation advisor. Her collaboration includes sometimes the repertoire of her own company, masterclasses sharing or new creation projects with circus schools and professional companies. 

  • © Move To Circus Academy
  • © Move To Circus Academy


Since 2014, Move to Circus organizes in collaboration with Israeli Circus the International Circus Convention of Israel. Every year, they host for this occasion a circus school from abroad in order to share performances, pedagogic skills and students relationship. 

  • Esacto Lido France 
  • Waldoni Circus Germany 
  • Lausanne Renens Circus School Switzerland 
  • Helsinki Circus Finland 
  • Ludmila Soboleva Circus Ukrania 

The International Circus Convention of Israel happens end of September/beginning October according to Jewish calendar. 

Every year, young talents from all over the world are performing perform at the Convention 

Morning Performance in Kfar Yeoshua theater or at the Open Stage of the convention. 


Specialties of the Academy

  • Circus choreography 
  • Juggling and object manipulation 
  • Dance with object/aerial circus 
  • Pedagogical skills therapy specialty 


  • Trapeze fix 
  • Straps 
  • Aerial hoop 
  • Aerial silks 
  • Rope 
  • Balance 
  • Acrobatics 
  • Theater 
  • Fil de fer 
  • Contemporary dance 
  • Ballet 
  • Hand standing


  • © Move To Circus Academy
  • © Move To Circus Academy

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  • Pedagogic Director: Shahar Kamay
  • Artistic Director: Ines Lorca
  • International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement Director: Yasmin Lev


Move to Circus
19 Brandeis Street
38000 Hader

Founded in 2009

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  • © Move To Circus Academy
  • © Move To Circus Academy
  • © Move To Circus Academy