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[FEDEC] Our statement on abusive conducts in circus schools

2021 | FEDEC - International network for professional circus education (BEL)

Made by FEDEC

Reports of abusive conduct within circus schools reveal gaps between understanding and implementing the behavioral guidelines in the Charter of Ethics and Deontology and in FEDEC Code of Conduct.

FEDEC Managing Board recognizes that member institutions require more support and guidance to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of staff and students. 

FEDEC is committed to promoting physically, psychologically and emotionally safe educational and work environments. For this reason, FEDEC is now prioritizing gathering, developing, and diseminating knowledge that will support circus education institutions to reduce and prevent abusive interactions, and to address reports of abusive conduct when they arise. 

As a community we ask that all members commit to respecting the inherent dignity of all persons, taking appropriate steps to prevent and respond to discrimination, abuse of authority, harassment, and all forms of sexual or psychological violence in the schools or in connection with the work carried out by its members. 

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