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SAVOIRS01: The profession of circus arts teacher in professional schools, towards defining a European competency framework for the profession

2018 | INTENTS Project

Pedagogical manuals

The SAVOIRS01 publication follows on directly from the SAVOIRS00 publication: “Reflection on competencies in the circus arts teaching profession and needs for continuing professional development” which identified 7 generic competencies for this profession.

Who created this publication?

To obtain a closer study to reality and based on a scientific method, the FEDEC and the FFEC have called upon specialists in qualifications and professionalisation. Thus, it stems from the joint work of researchers specialised in Educational Sciences and Sociology of the Centre d’Études et de Recherches sur les Emplois et les Professionnalisations (Centre for Studies and Research on jobs and professionalisation - CEREP) from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and experts of the professional qualification from the Institut Català de les Qualificacions Professionals (Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications - ICQP) affiliated with the Catalan Ministry of Education .

How was this publication made?

To carry out their research and achieve this publication, the researchers have:

  • visited 16 schools,
  • organised individual interviews with circus arts teacher in order to participate in a definition of the profession, based on an analysis of the representations by the teachers about the profession and their career path,
  • organised individual interviews of directors and pedagogical directors to contextualize the practices of the teachers,
  • organised meetings of a "focus group", a representative panel of teachers, in order to collect and analyse the work situations of those who teach to build a list of work situations and nurture a competency framework,
  • taking into account the work of reflection, questioning and validation of the FEDEC focus group nb.2 and all INTENTS partners and FEDEC members.

What can we find in this publication?

SAVOIRS01 fully contributes to structuring of professional training for circus arts teachers by offering:

  • a description of the professional group of teachers in circus professional schools,
  • a reference system of work situations,
  • a reference system of competencies.

The result achieved is a framework of competencies offering 19 units of learning outcomes specific to the profession of circus arts teacher, combining the technical, transversal and relational skills found within the panel of teachers consulted.

This framework can be used both by circus arts teachers and by directors & educational directors, who will be able to integrate it into their own strategies for managing human resources and for developing staff skills. Paired with continuing training pilots, it will also facilitate the validation of formal and non-formal teachers’ skills.

FEDEC and FFEC would like to address their warm gratitude to the people who contributed to achieve the study.

A FFEC publication in collaboration with FEDEC in the context of the INTENTS project. // Lead editors For FFEC: Annie Gysbers, President and Alain Taillard, Director LL Lead editors for FEDEC: Stéphane Simonin, President and Danijela Jović, General Coordinator // Proofreading Amandine André, Isabel Joly, Danijela Jović, Gaëlle Le Breton, Nicolas Lefebvre, Donald B. Lehn, Juliette Maccotta, Bim Mason, Tim Roberts, Noémie Schreiber, Cyril Thomas // Coordination of the INTENTS project and of the edition: Gaëlle Le Breton // Translation into English: Joanne Sharpe // Translation into French: Nathalie Reis and Gaëlle Le Breton // Graphic design: Signélazer // To cite this publication: Legendre F. (dir), Borell S., Brau-Antony S., Domènech C., Froissart T., Grosstephan V., Lafollie D., Mieusset C. et Thuriot F.(2018). 

This project was funded with the support of the European Commission. The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.