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RIGGERS Survey report

2022 | RIGGERS project

EU project outcome

The RIGGERS survey is an attempt to map the sector of specialists dealing with all aspects related to safety and rigging in circus schools.

It is is part of the RIGGERS project, led by SKH and FEDEC and aiming at enhancing the quality of safety measures in circus schools.

Within circus schools, “riggers” are specialist technicians dealing with all aspects related to the safety of those working and training to become artists. They have many responsibilities, from buying and maintaining the relevant apparatus, taking care of the equipment and training spaces, to ensuring that the safety rules are understood and shared by the staff of the school, and transmitting the basic rules which will become the working rules of an artist’s life.

Even if the number of riggers employed by schools has more than doubled since 2014 (FEDEC 2021 Sector Survey), showing their importance in the sector, there is almost no data about them and on how they perceive their profession.

What will you find is this report?

This report analyses the collected information about the profession of riggers in circus schools and suggests possible further actions.