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[FEDEC] Spotting in Circus Training: Consent, Safety & Learning

FEDEC - International network for professional circus education (BEL)

Made by FEDEC

This protocol is the fruit of numerous exchanges between FEDEC members (management, teachers and students), participants in our SPEAK OUT training held in Paris in September 2023, and the Balance ton Cirque collective. It is an answer to a demand from the sector and is one of the results of the SPEAK OUT project, funded by the European Commission (via the CERV-Daphné programme).

This version of spotting protocol is not definitive, as it is the subject of consultation within our network - it is therefore not intended for distribution. It should be finalised in April 2024.

Circus spotting, crucial for safety and learning, involves a circus artist, as well as a spotter preventing accidents, providing assistance, and giving corrective guidance. Extending beyond the teacher-student dynamic, it encompasses interactions among peers and practitioners. Its goals include preventing falls, aiding in specific movements, and offering pedagogical correction using methods such as mats, lunges, belts, verbal cues, and walls for a comprehensive approach.

Primarily tailored for circus schools, this document is equally relevant to broader circus practice, emphasising the central role of spotting in the disciplines of circus. Developed as part of the SPEAK OUT project by FEDEC, it synthesises the collective thoughts and discussions of SPEAK OUT members, a group that encompasses teachers, managers, administrators, and members from Balance Ton Cirque.