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Centrum för cirkus, varieté och gatuperformance

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Through joint efforts and activities Manegen aims to spread circus, variety and street performance to new practitioners and audiences, to increase media coverage, to encourage local and national authorities to consider these art forms, and, not least, to create opprotunities for professional and artistic development.

Manegen aims to guide the general public in Sweden to come to a new understanding of “circus, variety and street performance”, and to put these arts on the national cultural agenda.

Manegen’s plan for the coming years includes the following activities addressing both the inner network and its targeted audience at a local, national and international level:

  • collect and spread information
  • create and participate in networks
  • work towards a higher level of skills and competences
  • work towards better possibilities for creating and producing
  • work towards better distribution, marketing and sales


About 60 members:

  • circus arts training centres,
  • teachers,
  • artists,
  • companies,
  • organisations.


  • New Nordic Circus Network,
  • Circostrada.

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Founded in 2009


  • Chairperson: Olle Strandberg
  • General Manager: Christina Simpson


Manegen – Centrum för cirkus, varieté och gatuperformance
Rotemannavägen 10
145 57 Norsborg