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Looking for a partner for a training course on circus dramaturgy

7-12 May 2024 - Reus (ESP)

Call for participation

We are currently looking for a partner for our possible upcoming training course on circus dramaturgy (co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme), which will run in parallel of Trapezi, the Circus Fair of Catalonia, on 7-12 May 2024 in Reus (ESP). 

Throughout the course, we will explore various aspects of circus arts dramaturgy, in collaboration with Trapezi's performances. It promises to be a rich and enlightening experience for participants!

If the project is selected, all expenses will be covered for the participants (travel, accomodation, etc).

Involvement in the project at a minimum implies the issuance of the OIDs document and the selection of two assistants from your circus environment who can benefit from the course in May.

Interested in this opportunity?

Please contact Trapezi at albasarraute@gmail.com.

Please be aware that to be a partner of the project you will need to issue an Organization ID (OID) for your organization, and to select a minimum of 2 people who may participate in the training course. 

If you don't have an OID yet,  please check here how to obtain it