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24-27 October 2022 at Circa festival in Auch (FRA)

Among the surprises of this edition, a new and important component: each CIRCLE show was the result of a collaboration between schools. Providing an even richer experience for our young artists!

In total, CIRCLE 2022 brought together:

  • 24 schools ✨
  • 80 students ✨
  • 8 shows ✨
  • 12 countries ✨

These collaborations are made possible by the support of Circa and the Erasmus+ program.

The clowns 

"We are Momentarities"

Directors : Teresa NORNHA FEIO & Delphine PAIN

"Bucles y Bloques"

Director : Enric PETIT


Director : Moira HUNT


Directors : Javier JIMENEZ & Jorge Lix SANTOS

"ALL - MOST 198M"

Director : Alberto FELICIATE ORDONEZ


Director : Aurelia BRAILOWSKY

"Make senses"

Directors : Luisella TAMIETTO & the students


Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay.

Directors : Julieta Salz & Santiago Howard