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Here you’ll find different mobility opportunities in the field of circus arts education:

  • International projects and meetings lead by FEDEC members and open to the participation of students from other schools of the network
  • Job opportunities for circus arts schools’ staff, teachers and students
  • Call for artistic projects from outside the FEDEC network
  • Other

    Enrolment for our Master Programme : Teatro di Figura, Physical Theatre & Applied Theatre Practice

    Accademia Teatro Dimitri

    The Accademia Dimitri is a university of theatre with two locations, one situated in Verscio and the other in Avegno, two villages in Ticino, just a few kilometers away from the more well-known Locarn...

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  • International visits and exchanges, Workshops and trainings

    International Workshop « Physicality in Performance »

    New International Performing Arts Institute

    26 - 30 April 2023 // EDEN***** Studios, Berlin, Germany For theatre, physical theatre and circus actors and directors, dancers and choreographers. What is the advantage of the program?   During...

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  • Call for projects

    Inscrivez-vous aux OLYMP’ARTS - Genève, été 2023


    La renaissance des OLYMP’ARTS, nées dans la Grèce antique en 566 BC, se déroulera à Genève, durant l’Été 2023. Nous pensons que les artistes ont un rôle important pour aider le XXI siècle à ouvrir ...

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