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Helping orphans in the Amizmiz earthquake zone



On the night of Friday September 8, Morocco was struck by a terrible tragedy. In devastated several towns and villages in the west of the country, including the Amizmiz region, one of the areas worst affected by the earthquake. It plunged populations into a precarious situation, leaving many children orphaned and orphans and homeless.

AMESIP, the Moroccan association for helping children in precarious situations, in partnership with Association Fès Mémoire, are mobilizing their skills in the social, cultural and and architectural fields, to help orphans affected by the disaster.

To this end, a rehabilitation and support plan has been set up, with the aim of building orphanages in the areas affected by the earthquake. The aim is to keep children close to their families (uncles, aunts, etc.) to prevent them from being uprooted, and to preserve the memory of these regions.

With a view to the long term, all the family homes of the children affected by this disaster will be inventoried and rebuilt, to preserve their dignity, their heritage and their future.

In the light of recent events, it is essential that the reconstruction and rehabilitation process is carried out in a thoughtful, ecological and responsible manner. This calls for the use of sustainable and durable techniques and materials, in compliance with anti-seismic standards. Vernacular architecture abounds in this sense, and will enable the construction of buildings in harmony with their environment.

An initial cost estimate indicates that the construction and rehabilitation of each square meter requires 2,500 dirhams, 1,250 dirhams for half a square meter and 625 dirhams for a quarter.

We ask you to join us in our efforts to bring comfort to these children children deeply scarred in mind and body, with the aim of maintaining their attachment to their homeland, while rekindling hope in these regions.

You can make donations by depositing funds directly into our association's account, which is held at Banque Attijari Wafabank:

  • Rib : 007 810 0001594000000698 36
  • BIC - Swift Code: BCMAMAMC
  • IBAN: MA64 007 810 0001594000000698 36

Hoping that our request will receive a favourable response from you, we would like to ask you to our best fraternal sentiments.

Mrs Touraya Jaïdi Bouabid
President of AMESIP