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Aerial Sicilian Convention (ASC)

April 25 to 28 - Palermo and Misilmeri - SICILY - Italy

Call for participation

The Aerial Sicilian Convention (ASC), result of collaboration between Spazio Euforia and Il Volante, will take place from April 25 to 28 in Palermo and Misilmeri, SICILY - Italy. 

The Aerial Sicilian Convention is a unique opportunity to bring together the aerial circus community, promote the sharing of experiences and knowledge, as well as foster the artistic and technical growth of all participants. You will have the chance to experiment with various tools and methods under the guidance of experienced instructors. We will offer workshops, performances, and much more.

We are confident that your presence and support will add significant value to this event.

For further details on the event and the registration, please visit our official website at https://www.spazioeuphoria.it/asc/.