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Call for participation - TRACES 2024

Get involved now to our video creation project !

Call for participation

FEDEC video creation project, TRACES, is back!

📅 Your videos will be shared in Circa in October and on FEDEC YouTube channel.

There won’t be any selections, as long as they respect:  

✨ the theme ("Wishlist")
✨ the duration (maximum 3 minutes)

✨ the format (collective creation: at least 2 students on the video)

✨ the deadline (June 12th)
✨ if there is any language used, it must display subtitles in English.

In the spirit of fairness, please send only one video per organisation!

👇Find the call for participation below !

Would you like to apply?

Fill in the form below by 12th of June. 

Got a question? 

Contact us via events@fedec.eu