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The School was founded in October 2013 by its director Inna Astvatsaturova and since that moment, the idea of beauty and uniqueness of circus arts started to spread around its students.

ArtArea project show is nine current aerialists who take part in different performances organized by our team. We perform in the circus and give classes. It’s important for us that those who give classes in our studio are acting aerialists able to share experiences with the students.

ArtArea project school provides education in performing circus arts (aerial arts, acrobatics, acting, etc.). Our students have different levels of skills, starting from beginners and intermediates to those who want to make the circus part of their lives.

The school is headed by director Inna Astvatsaturova
The teachers are part of the ArtArea project Show performing team.
The school also employs technical body staff who are responsible for the props, aerial apparatus, general safety in the classroom including urgent medical assistance if needed. Occasionally we invite performers from other schools and projects to share their experience with our students.

Training offered

ArtArea project teaches several kinds of circus arts:

  • Aerial gymnastic, acrobatics, equilibristics, juggling and additional disciplines (physical trainings, flexibility, acting). There are professional and basic level of education in ArtArea project school.
  • Teaching stuff of ArtArea project are current circus performers of different circus project.
  • There are also educational programs for children and adult students.

We support our students to pass the exams for higher circus educational institutions. We invite external teachers to diversify educational programs and raise the professional level of students. One of the special features of the educational program is periodical show performances where all the students have their chance to show their level and perform.

There are different programs in ArtArea project:

  • General preparatory course: includes training for flexibility, strength and basic aerial skills. Based on the level of the student they will get personal tasks and plan for the lessons. It doesn’t require special physical preparation. The course takes at least 6 months and aims to prepare an act in air (2-3 min long) for internal school exam show.
  • Intensive circus education (3 year and 1 year duration) : it aims to prepare students to pass the exams for professional circus academies and universities. Applicants should be 15 years old at least and have physical skills to pass the selection. In case student can’t pass the entrance exam he/she will be advised to take General preparatory course in ArtArea project.

  • We also teach the basics of circus (acrobatics, equilibristics, acting, circus make up etc). During the course, student will be specialized in 1 main aerial specialty (such as silks, straps, hoop or any special requirements) and one additional one. The course takes 20-30 hours per week and can be combined with college or any other type of study.

Disciplines taught

  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Aerial straps
  • Chinese pole
  • Equilibristics
  • Floor acrobatics 
  • Flying trapeze
  • Juggling - Object manipulation
  • Rope
  • Silks
  • Static trapeze
  • Swinging trapeze - Cloud swing

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  • Director: Inna Astvatsaturova
  • Director: Dimitry Kucher

Teaching language

Russian, English and Spanish (depends on teacher)


Kutuzovsky lane, 36 bld 7B
121170 Moscow

Founded in 2013

FEDEC member since 2019