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Baross Imre Artistaképző

Imre Baross Circus Arts School

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Imre Baross Circus Arts School offers specialised education in circus arts, which is unique in Central Europe.

First admissions are at the age of 10 with 4 years of basic training. During the next stage, teachers focus on the talent of each individual to be able to give the students the most appropriate training for their future career. The students finish school with an act prepared.

Students graduating from our school should be masters of their chosen genres and they have to reach a high artistic level within their performance. Students should know the history of circus art and be prepared to creatively apply the lessons learned from this valuable heritage. They should be ready to improve their act, and should be familiar with all the new trends in their specialisation. From time to time they should be ready to renew their acts. They have to learn the culture of the profession as they are part of a collective with common values and behaviour.

The state-sponsored education of circus artists began in 1950 in Hungary and the current circus school building was inaugurated in 1973.

The first director of the school was Imre Baross who exercised this duty until his death in 1986. He did a great job establishing the circus school and upgrading it to an officially recognised institution by 1980. This way, the school was able to graduate circus artists, and was authorised to issue the state certificate for circus artists as well.

The school has belonged to the Hungarian Circus and Variety organisation (MACIVA) since 2007. That was a crucial step in the history of Hungarian circus art, because the complete circle of education, rehearsal, and presentation is supervised by one organisation. Professionalism and continuity in circus art is guaranteed by this stability. The school chose the name Imre Baross to honor its founder.

Training offered

  • Circus Arts Performance Permit (professional GSE),
  • Circus Artist A-level: one-year training to become a circus artist following receipt of circus permit, including a research paper on circus.

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  • Director: Murainé Szakáts Ildikó Zsuzsanna

School year

From the beginning of September to mid-June


Baross Imre Artistaképző Intézet Előadó-Művészeti Szakgimnázium
Városligeti fasor 3.
H-1071 Budapest

Founded in 1950

FEDEC member since 2009